The "Seven Sins" that lead "ME" to decadent

Brilliant people are different, but mediocre people are roughly the same.

Based on the background of the era, some of the opinions in this article may be too extreme. I do not intend to clarify that the following behaviors are all bad habits. Appropriate entertainment and enjoyment can positively light up the quality of life, and what I want to express is to avoid the process of quantitative change to qualitative change that causes negative driving factors for individuals. Please objectively understand the point of this article.

1. Only obtain fragmented information

I watch a TikTok video in ten seconds, and read a popular article in half a minute. I laugh when recieve a hilariours meme, while quickly skip the deep thoughtful content.

Whenever there is a disagreement, I only briefly know it in mind, but debate with non-sense words on mouth.

Whenever I have never heard a point of view, I must show my sense of presence, and raise my hand to oppose it.

Sometimes I use the unreliable information on the Internet to piece together own point of view, but I think that I have the whole vision. Whenever I argue with others, I become a villain with a paper dagger, and the things in my mouth are like unsolved puzzles. My opinions are fragmented, cannot be self-certified, and cannot be justified.

I thought I was getting information every day, but I didn't accumulate any real connotation.

2. Fake effort

I never thought about how hard I should work, just moved myself indifferently.

I obviously waste a lot of good time in daily study, but I have to choose preparing for the exam all night.

Carefully clean the room again, share one of my most satisfied photos to social media, wait for the praise and encouragement of others. However, I forget that my current efforts are just the consequence of my past laziness.

3. Only listen to positive reviews

All words of praise are accepted, and all negative comments come down to others jealous personality.

I live in a life with the praise of others, can not listen to a sigle negative evaluation.

Any article that is not good for me will show the author as a bad guy from private morality. I find out the blackmail of the person from past history, and judge his behavior from the moral high ground.

4. Addicted to short-term pleasure

I'm addicted to those joys at my fingertips, but I never invest in long-term pleasure. It's never been a while for me to calm down to learn skills, read, exercise. I despise the changes that the current efforts can bring, living in a pan-entertaining life, and gradually sinking.

5. Crazy about rumors

I spend a lot of time caring about the lives of celebrities, and watching all kinds of gossip news. I live in the lives and trivia of others.

I often quarrel with irrelevant people on the Internet, but forget that whom I'm arguing with may be fake people. I have my own real life.

6. Coax myself

When I escape from difficulties, the one which is said the most to myself is "do it tomorrow", but the fact is that I rarely do it tomorrow.

When I make a mistake, the most I say is "you are still young, you still have infinite possibilities", but how to grow without bearing the consequences of the mistake. I do not know.

I ignore the difference in age, I feel that I am much better than the "outdated generation", but I do not look at my own level among peers.

I feel like I'm going to do something, but I can't figure out how to do it.

7. Invalid attempt on interests

I can only maintain the passion for anything for three minutes. At the beginning, I was full of enthusiasm and gave up without seeing the results within three days.

I never focus on one direction and field, and everything worths my temptation. I feel like I'm busy everyday, but I don't know what I'm busy with.

I always think that I have been involved in everything, but have not done anything.

Dear friends, learn the lessons and don't be "ME"
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