From COVID-19 to Anti-Intellectualism

Think more, I can only tell you this, before that, think more.

If you rarely check your Twitter, it’s hard to imagine how negative did people consider Bill Gates in the United States.

Just randomly search for Mr. Gates's name, almost 90% of the posts are negative comments. There is even a popular tag on Twitter called "#BillGatesVirus" to discredit. Why is it that netizens hate the richest man so much?

1. Gates' Halo

For some people, the word "richest man" comes with a halo. There are a lot of inspirational quotes from the richest people on the Internet, but for others, "richest man" means the opposite way.

In a country where conspiracy theories and religions are prevalent, the terms richest man, president, and authority are born with original sin. Bill Gates is Thanos in the mind of Twitter users. Why? This can be explained by a logical chain.

Bill Gates established the Gates Foundation as early as 2001 to devote himself to world health. Mr and Ms Gates have been contributing for global health for two decades.

In a TED speech in 2015, Gates once said this:

"If something will kill more than 10 million people in the next few decades, it is likely to be a highly contagious virus, not war."

He also mentioned that this virus may be highly contagious and low lethal, and it is easy to spread but difficult to eliminate.

Combined with the COVID-19, deja vu?

More coincidentally, in October 2019, Gates Foundation organize a global seminar, the theme of the discussion is "simulation of the global pandemic of new coronavirus"!

The symposium brought together health experts from more than a dozen countries around the world. The background is a new coronavirus called "CAPS". The initial symptoms are similar to colds, and it gradually evolves into pneumonia. To one million:

And in the process of the plague spreading, it will be accompanied by false information and the global stock market crash:

The conclusion of the seminar was: Our efforts to prevent and control infectious diseases are far from enough.

Looking back at the seminar in 2019, it is simply a preview of the outbreak of new coronavirus in reality now.

In our opinion, Gates is indeed a visionary and a responsible social activist. But in the mind of some people, this is another meaning.

They believe that Gates was able to predict so accurately because the virus was completely invented by him. Conspiracy theorists believe that Bill Gates has both the ability to invent viruses and the motivation to spread them.

The motivation is that Gates wants to wipe out billions of people through the vaccine to achieve his ulterior motive.

2. Vaccine control

In the eyes of a considerable number of Americans, the term vaccine can be equated with poison.

Some people don't like vaccines for no reason. With the advancement of modern medicine and the popularization of vaccines, infectious diseases such as diphtheria and measles are disappearing from the human world. In order to stop the vaccination of these diseases that are not encountered, some parents in the United States are completely redundant. Just like in the "Game of Thrones", Seven Kingdoms think that the fight between night watch against the white walkers is nothing.

However, the vaccine itself does have a very small chance of causing side effects, ranging from fever to severe disability and autism. Although this probability is extremely small, there are indeed such cases. Therefore, some families believe that it is absolutely unnecessary to take this risk in order to prevent non-existent diseases, and they firmly reject the vaccine.

Coincidentally, Bill Gates is precisely an advocate for popularizing vaccines.

Bill Gates ’s picture of vaccines for African children is considered by conspiracy theories as a strong proof of its destruction of the world

The Gates Foundation has worked for many years to improve medical conditions in developing regions. For example, Gates believes that some African countries should vaccinate children to improve the survival rate of young children, thereby reducing fertility and achieving fewer& better births. This will save Africa more than one billion people, greatly reduce Africa's burden, and promote economic development.

The whole logical chain is: providing vaccines for children----- increasing child survival rate------ reducing fertility----- decreasing population----- reducing social burden----- promoting economic development.

But the blind propagation of this logic through the Internet is obviously too complicated, and some people can only extract key information: Bill Gates----- vaccine----- population reduction. Bill Gates wants to reduce the population with vaccines!

Some conservative politicians believe that birth control is basically the same as anti-humanity. Because of religious reasons, Christianity has always opposed this kind of population control, especially abortion. Before 1973, abortion was illegal throughout the United States. To this day, many states still have anti-abortion laws: abortion is equivalent to murder if the fetus does not threaten the life (not health) of the pregnant woman).

So now the logical chain of everything is very clear.

Bill Gates, the initiator of this evil "purge plan", wants to eliminate billions of people through vaccines, and has been doing it in Africa for several years.

Now he plans to reach out to the world. He spread the new coronavirus all over the world to vaccinate people around the world in order to achieve his goal of reducing the world's population.

Besides this theory, there are a group of people who think that the above conclusion is obviously too simple. Bill Gates' goal is not only to reduce the population, but to control the world through vaccines. Their theory is that Bill Gates spreads the virus to make the government powerless, blame responsibility to Trump, and finally save the world as a capital giant to achieve the purpose of controlling the world. It also came out with a meme picture like this:

They also believed that Bill Gates’ vaccine contained a dangerous chip, which would locate and control everyone who was injected. After the world has finished vaccinating, the world will be in Bill Gates hands.

Regardless of the holder of any statement, the attitude towards the vaccine is the same: absolutely NO.

Therefore, I have reason to doubt that after the discovery of the real coronavirus vaccine in the future, there will still be a considerable number of people who will not be vaccinated and the virus will continue to spread. We may never be able to eliminate this virus.

3. We need an explanation

Why has conspiracy theories been everlasting and endless since ancient times?

Outside the Academy of Sciences, and even on many talent shows, there will always be a large number of "folk scientists" who want to prove that they have made some significant discoveries or major inventions. Major part of them claim to prove the "Goldbach Conjecture" or "Fermat's Theorem" (Fermat's Theorem has been solved in 1995).

But as a few classic conjectures in mathematics, most people claim to have solved the Goldbach conjecture and Fermat's theorem, but few of Riemann conjecture solution.

The reason is, although Goldbach ’s conjecture and Fermat ’s theorem are difficult to prove, it is not difficult to understand, even with high school mathematics. Riemann's conjecture is extremely difficult, even using mathematical language still requires a long discussion, and the threshold is too high to enter this field.

The spread of a theory or argument doesn’t depends on whether it is correct, but on whether it is simple enough.

People are naturally afraid of the unknown, and when faced with the unknown, people quickly tend to use their known knowledge system to explain the unknown problems.

Once a person does not have a perfect knowledge system, it is easy to believe those strong cognitive perceptions without further thinking.

In fact, the logic of conspiracy theories is very simple--- attract people's attention on a few simple points of doubt, and ignore a large number of positive examples.

Therefore, a person with an imperfect knowledge system will stare at Bill Gates' fragmented words to determine that this person is evil. Once Bill Gates is regarded as the ultimate destroyer of the world, all his actions are evil. Investing billions of dollars to study new coronavirus vaccines and special medicines is nothing more than building "Bill Gates' Armory". That's it.

It is conceivable that when the vaccine is born, there will certainly be a considerable number of people who refuse to vaccinate and continue to expose themselves to the virus.

To learn without thinking is blindness, to think without learning is idleness. When people do not have a complete knowledge system, the conclusions obtained after simple thinking are often wrong.

And the more reluctant people think, the more they believe some extreme claims, even if they contradict each other, for example, believe that "Princess Diana is a fake death" and believe that "Princess Diana is murdered" are often the same group of people.

Whenever we see some complex phenomena in very simple terms in our lives, we should be vigilant. Perhaps this is fake news concocted by conspiracy theorists.

And only thing we can do is "Think more, I can only tell you this, before that, think more"

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